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Insects such as Silkworm Genome Database

Taxonomy Name: Polypedilum vanderplanki
Description: The Sleeping Chironomid, Polypedilum vanderplanki (Diptera, Chironomidae) is an insect exhibiting extreme desiccation tolerance to such an extent that the larvae almost completely dehydrated upon drought can revive after rehydration. The cDNAs are derived from various cDNA libraries constructed from larval whole body at 0h, 12 h and 36 h after desiccation treatment. The EST database can be accessed by key word, clone name or Gene Ontology.

Taxonomy Name: Plautia crossota stali
Description: The oriental stink bug (PS, Plautia crossota stali), called "CYABANE-AO-KAMEMUSHI" in Japanese, sucks the juice of various fruits and vegetable. It deteriorates quality of agricultural products. ESTs are derived from two cDNA libraries constructed from the midgut. The EST data are accessible by key words, clone names and Gene Ontology terms.

YOKOBAI (NC: green rice leafhopper) EST
Taxonomy Name: Nephotettix cincticeps
Description: The green rice leafhopper (NC, Nephotettix cincticeps), called "TSUMAGURO-YOKOBAI" in Japanese, is a vascular feeder of rice plant. It transmits virus and mycoplasma diseases. Body color is fairy green and tip of the male forewing is black. ESTs are derived from various cDNA libraries that were constructed from different tissues and developmental stages. The EST data are accessible by key words, clone names and Gene Ontology terms.

Taxonomy Name: Plutella xylostella
Description: KONAGAbase is a genomic database of the diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) (KONAGA is the Japanese word for the diamondback moth). The database currently provides the following sequence data with useful annotation information by BLAST, HMMER3, and Blast2GO : genome sequence data, transcriptome sequence data and putative gene set.

Brown planthopper Maps & Markers Database
Taxonomy Name: Nilaparvata lugens
Description: This is the first version of genetic linkage map of the brown planthopper (BPH). The consensus map consists of 474 SSR, 43 SNPs and 1 STS totaling 518 markers with 472 unique positions. The map would provide the initial information for BPH genomics studies and particularly for identifying a genetic basis of the virulence and facilitate QTL analysis of other important traits.

Taxonomy Name: Nilaparvata lugens
Description: UNKA (BPH) EST is a database of cDNA (EST) of the brown planthopper information is stored. By keyword Search, etc., you can refer to the clustering information and annotation of EST.

Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: The Silkworm Genome Research Program (SGP) is currently incorporating all information from 'BombMap' and 'SilkBase' into a core database known as 'KAIKOBase', integrating all silkworm genome data including ESTs, chromosome linkage map and genome sequence data. Also, KAIKOGASS and KAIKOBLAST has been published.

Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: KAIKObase is an integrated silkworm genome database and data mining tool with 3 map browsers, 1 gene viewer, and 5 independent databases.

Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: KAIKOcDNA is the database for silkworm cDNAs. KAIKOcDNA provides various information such as a sequence and homologous proteins of model insects. KAIKOcDNA also allows users to search cDNAs by various methods e.g. accession number, clone name and GO term.

BombyxTrap DataBase
Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: Since the fine silkworm genomic sequence has been available by the integration of Japan and China WGS data (The International Silkworm Genome Consortium, 2008), the post-genome researches of silkworm are accelerating extensively. Transposon mutagenesis is very useful tool for gene function analysis in post-genome research. This database contains information on reporter expressions and positions of transposon vectors (mutators) in transposon insertion lines (enhancer trap lines and gene trap lines), and is integrated into silkworm genome database, KAIKObase (Shimomura et al., 2009).

Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: BombMap is the integrated map combining genetic and physical map of silkworm, Bombyx mori. Java Applet is used for graphical representation of the maps. A user can browse a marker with related information along the map.

Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: This system performs sequence similarity search (BLAST) of the silkworm. You can search the similarity between the silkworm related sequences and their own sequences. There are not only genome sequences and gene sequences of silkworm, also gene sequences of flies and nematodes in an array that can be searched.

Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: KAIKOGAAS is an integrated database and automated annotation system designed specifically for analysis of the silkworm genome (Bombyx mori), also known in Japanese language as "KAIKO", genome. The database currently contains the annotation of scaffolds derived from the whole genome sequencing (WGS) efforts of the Silkworm Genome Research Program (SGP) in Japan and the Silkworm Genome Project in China.

Taxonomy Name: Bombyx mori
Description: Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis federated database for analysis of silkworm protein.

食品害虫サイト (貯穀害虫・天敵図鑑)
Taxonomy Name: Hexapoda
Description: Food pest site is a database that contains the information and its natural enemy insects that grow in food storage. You can search by type name and form, the food of insects, you can refer to the information in the form perpetrators, food, control method, etc..

Taxonomy Name:
Description: You can refer to the literature outline information, such as a title and a journal title, on disease, insect pest and weed of agriculture and forestry in Japan, using a search by the keyword and the publication year.