Agrigenomics Information Database

» Outline of the SOGO project

Various kinds of studies have been performed in genome research for crop and livestock, such as whole genome sequencing, isolation of genes responsible for important traits, and development of DNA markers for breeding. Information accumulated through these studies is useful resource to promote effective production of new crops and livestock.

In addition, recent progress of next generation sequence (NGS) technology has enabled rapid and cost-effective genome analyses. Researchers read genome sequence of various genetic resources, and analyze sequence homology, relationships between genotypes and phenotypes etc. Such works will accelerate isolation of genes and development of DNA markers, and improve of crops and livestock production focusing genes playing key roles.

We develop a novel integrated database system to provide genome information to researchers in convenient form to use. We also develop methods for massive genome data analyses with high speed and accuracy using new technologies of NGS etc., and construct a novel system to support isolation of genes responsible for agronomically important traits and development of DNA markers.

» Background

To improve food self-sufficiency ratio in Japan, we should find many genes responsible for agronomically important traits, develop DNA markers based on information of those genes, develop novel cultivars adapted to current environment and planting system, and increase planted acreage of the novel cultivars.

To fulfill this requirement, we should process and sort out massive and complex data produced by NGS systematically, and build a more efficient system for discovery of new genes from the accumulated genome data.

"Basic Plan for Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas", decided by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 2010, claims that systematic and efficient development should be promoted to develop new cultivars, production techniques, agricultural products and foods with high added value capable of creating new demands, new materials and medicines using functions of agricultural products etc.

» Main contents

  1. Development of improved analysis system

    We develop new system to process massive and complex genome data efficiently, with supporting functions such as assembling of a lot of genome fragment data from NGS with high speed and accuracy, position prediction of unidentified genes based on sequence data, etc.

  2. Refinement and maintenance of databases

    We develop integrated database (Sogo DB), in which information of genome data, DNA markers etc. of crop and livestock are integrated, and provide them to researchers in universities, private companies etc. as well as those in institutes in MAFF.